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Cutting-Edge methods


Cutting-Edge methods

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Elicia Calhoun is a top National and International Trainer, National Champion and World Champion, Lecturer, Professional Agility Instructor, and Author.

During the past 26 years, Elicia had been a part of the sport’s growth and development.


As a 3-time World Champion, 5-time National Champion, and multiple Regional Champion Elicia and her dogs have competed in 22 National and over 12 International Finals since 1999.  Her extensive international experience sets her apart from her competition and provides her coaching clients with a significant advantage to expedite their success.


Elicia is a highly sought-after International Instructor who has been teaching world wide for the past 20 years. She continues to regularly teach in Japan, Germany, Hawaii and has also taught in England Denmark Switzerland as well as across North America and Canada.





Last year with you was the 'Best'. In addition to teaching very challenging classes you also instill a lot of motivation and 'winning' attitude in the handler. You have helped me a lot and I appreciate it. ... I noticed in the results of the trial that you did well this weekend. Congratulations! I think it's your winning attitude that puts you and your dogs over the top. - October 2010

Those of you who have had experienced Elicia’s training/teaching style know that she is among the best presenters of Agility instruction. - Collinswood K-9 Services in Central Mass, April 2012